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children, and civilian objects, H▓aq said, adding that Guterres reiterates that peace remains the best protection for children affected by armed▓ confli

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ct.Please scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on WechatUNICEF ambassador calls for unity to secure brighter future for childr

Central African Repub

enUNICEF ambassador ca▓lls for unity to secure brighter future for▓ childrenUNICEF ambassador calls for unity to secure brighter future for children08-21-2018 11:07▓ BJT

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The international community should forge a united front to secure a brighter, and healthier future for all children, said Ma Yili, a well-known Chinese actress and UNIC

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EF (UN Children's Fund▓) ambassador during her recent trip in▓ Kenya."The purpose of this visit is mainly t▓o learn from and exchange with health workers in Kenya, and t

omalia, the Sudan and Yemen.

o share my experience there with people back home," said Ma."It has been a gr▓eat honor for me to serve as a UNICEF ambassador, and to work with them to promote early childhood development," she added.Ma's visit to Kenya coincided with her inaugural overseas mission as a UNICEF ambassador.At the Pumwani Maternity Hospital, which happens to be one of the largest state-funded maternity facilities in Kenya, Ma was i▓mpressed by the warm reception she received f

rom the mother ▓of a 2-month-old baby whom she administered an oral▓ polio vaccine."I did not expect the mother of the child to trust me this much -- this ha▓s been inspiring," she remarked with excitement.Cathe▓rine Mutinda, the president of the hospital, hailed Ma's visit and the positiv

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e impact ▓it created in the lives of young ones."She is very friendly and down to earth," said Mu▓tinda.As a mother of two gir

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ls, Ma had an easy time connecting with children at the ma▓ternity hospital.The well-known Chinese actress was in 2013 appoin

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ted the UNICEF Special Advocate for Breastfeeding and Early Childhood Development.She has i▓n the last couple of years engaged


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